Due to ongoing demand from the community, True North is happy to announce it will begin offering Intensive Outpatient Treatment Services for Adults during the evenings.  For the past 4 years, True North has been providing intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) exclusively during daytime hours.  While we have always admitted any adult who was appropriate for the IOP level of care, the majority of our candidates have historically been coming from residential treatment programs, many of whom were either unable to work in the past, or were on a hiatus from employment to focus on recovery.

This is not always feasible for everyone due to other obligations and True North has consistently referred out to other programs that provide similar levels of care for those whose employment or other lifestyle obligations prevented them from participating in a day program.  Many of these individuals had to travel considerably further than they would have liked due to a lack of availability of these types of services in North San Diego County.

True North will continue to provide daytime IOP services on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10-1, but will also be adding additional evening hours from 6pm-9pm for those who would prefer it.  We are happy to announce that this is effective starting immediately.