Next week we will begin the Brain Wellness Training Program.  Dr. Meghan Marcum will be guiding us through the process for six weeks!  Addictive disease occurs in the brain, and addiction itself further damages the brain.  Good rehabilitation should include training for participants in how to care for this ever important organ.  Did you know the brain weighs about 3 lbs and absorbs about 30% of a persons caloric intake?  Considering this is command central for addiction, and this is a very hard working organ, it seems we should take the time to learn how to care for it.  True North is dedicated to the treatment of all aspects of a person, including the physical realm.  We believe all aspects, biopsychosocialspiritual are interconnected and each area impacts the others.

Heard in an AA meeting-You can’t fix a broken brain with a broken brain kid.  You’re gonna need some help.