Family Intensive Program

Most treatment centers only focus on the individual recovering from addiction or a mental health issue. True North recognizes that recovery starts with the individual, but family and close friends should also be involved to maximize positive outcomes and ensure long-term recovery.

In the past, before insurance companies became so involved in the process, treatment providers often held intensive family sessions in the third week of treatment. This helped patients get more perspective on the importance of their treatment, as well as providing support to the family deeply affected by the substance abuse or mental health issue.

Most people entering treatment do so with a history of family problems. Sometimes our patients are on the brink of a breakup or divorce. Others are young people who’ve lost their way, still living with and supported by their concerned parents. Finances are a big source of pain for most, and an additional stressor for the individual entering treatment, as well as their family. This pain is complex, bringing with it elements of betrayal, shame, blame, infidelity, misunderstanding; the list goes on.

For years, True North has served as a landing zone for people transitioning from residential treatment to the next step of their recovery. Due to the inconsistency and unreliability of many residential programs, we find that the family often struggles as much as the individual in treatment. By the time most patients come to us, their families have had more conversations about paying for treatment than how the experience has affected them. Some people haven’t had a chance to talk about it at all. To our team, this is unacceptable, which is why we committed ourselves to extending the best care available to our patients’ families as well.

The cornerstone of the family program at True North is our Family Intensive weekend. This three-day intensive focuses on educating and engaging the family with experiential therapy. Our team doesn’t rely on white boards or projectors. Instead, we get you up and out of your seats. We emphasize an interactive, comprehensive therapy experience to accomplish in a weekend what could take 6 months with hard to schedule weekly appointments. With the support of our expert clinical staff, family members are able to come together to uncover, discover, and discard years of destructive behavioral and emotional patterns.

For those with the availability and interest, we also provide additional couples and family therapy sessions. We encourage spouses in particular to seek additional treatment with the same team treating their loved one. This creates a foundation of support and trusting relationship that doesn’t have to end just because the Family Intensive weekend has. True North has an integrated relationship with the Cafferty Clinic, a private, group practice our therapists are a crucial part of. Unlike other centers who call their work done the minute treatment concludes, our team continues work with families, sometimes for years after treatment ends.


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