When you’re at a low point in life, one of the best things to get you out of it is a little self care… Pay attention to who you really are and you will see an almost immediate difference. I should know – I work with individuals day in and day out to help them improve their lives, and I’m now proudly living sober. I’m currently writing a book called, Life Lessons from Rock Bottom. In it, I’ll share many of the things I’ve learned over the years. Here are some important self care tips that I will expand on further in my book:

·      Love yourself first. This is the starting point for a healthy lifestyle and self care. You can’t grow as a person until you love yourself for who you are – faults and all.

·      Identify what you can and can’t change. Think about what factors of your life you can change and which are out of your control. Even small changes can make a huge difference in your attitude.

·      Eat healthy meals and give your body a break from fats and sugars.

·      Go offline. Even if it’s just for an evening, spend time completely disconnected from your cell phone, computer, and any other electronic item you own.

·      Take a bubble bath and relax with aromatherapy candles.

·      Get a full night’s sleep. One of the main causes of stress and frustration in many people is a lack of sleep. Experts recommend eight hours a night, but do what makes you feel good. If you can, let your body wake you up naturally, and you’ll quickly learn how much sleep your body requires.

·      Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and count to 10.

·      Start a gratitude journal. Write down all the things and people in your life that you’re thankful for.

·      Listen to music. Dance around the room.

·      Make it a habit to hug. It doesn’t matter if it’s a close family member or an acquaintance. Hug them next time you say goodbye. You might be amazed at how it makes you feel.

·      Choose a new hobby. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but are afraid to do so? There’s no better time than the present. Take an art class or learn photography – do something creative.

·      Laugh. It’s good for the soul.

·      Write down your feelings. Carry a thought journal with you and write down the strong feelings you have during the day. Slowly, you’ll start to see a pattern and hopefully can transition those negative thoughts to positive ones.

These are just a few of the many ways I’ve learned to care for myself. Using just a few of them in your everyday life can help ease your stress and lead you toward a healthier lifestyle.

About the Author:

Angela Weber’s a licensed clinical social worker specializing in addiction recovery and writing her first book – Life Lessons from Rock Bottom based on personal and professional observations from the past 20 years of her life.