So, I posted a blog awhile ago on a new drug to hit the market called Ivory Wave.  It is sold as a bath salt or as plant food and can be purchased over the counter.  I keep track of the traffic on my website and what is bringing people to it.  Since posting that blog, I have had daily hits on my website with the keyword search “counteracting ivory wave.”  What this tells me is that people are taking it and it is scaring them.  They are looking for ways to stop the high they are experiencing.  My website is really focused on southern california and these hits are coming from all over the united states.  This is a scary truth.  This drug is going to start killing people.

We are on the precipice of some major problems in the addiction world.  New drugs are coming out faster than we can test or them and faster than government agencies can make them illegal.  Even K2/Spice, which was made illegal at the end of last year (synthetic marijuana), has been reformulated with new chemical compounds.  It was as if the companies were ready for it to become illegal and they had new compounds ready to roll out the day it happened.  They never missed a beat.  Yesterday was the first time I sat with a patient whose life long friend had passed away from an overdose of the chemical compound found in spice.  In england, they have had several deaths as a result of ivory wave.  We really have to be careful as we proceed and it is going to be incredibly important for counselors and parents to stay current because the new legal drugs that are coming out today are as deadly as the ones you buy on the streets.