I am getting reports from colleagues from all over the country that Ivory Wave is trending toward the west coast.  Treatment programs in the midwest are reporting huge increases in admissions related to this over the counter drug.  The trend started in Europe and seems to be moving in a westward direction.  Anecdotal reports from patients are saying that it is stronger than cocaine, methamphetamine, or ecstasy.  It is being sold innocuously as a bath salt or as plant fertilizer.  It is for sale here in southern california already.  Come illicit drug dealers are already buying it online and are selling it on the streets as a legal high.  Since getting pulled over with a non-controlled substance that is sold over the counter is not illegal, they are not at risk at this time for possession or distribution charges.  The drug is snorted, smoked, or used IV just like crystal meth is.

Have your voice heard.  Contact local, state, and federal representatives immediately. Contact local law enforcement, the ATF, and the DEA.  Contact the White House office of Drug Policy.  Have your voice heard before the trend takes a strong hold in our front yard.  This is a worthwhile fight for the prevention coalitions to take on as well.  The louder we get the quicker we will make our streets safer.  In addition, if you make your voice heard, make sure to ask them to do it right this time, unlike the ineffective ban on K2/Spice that didn’t help anyone at all.  For more information on this check out my other blogs on these topics.