Letter From Our Founder


Are you exhausted by life? Has the use of alcohol and drugs caused you strife, difficulty, or even devastation? If so, True North Recovery Services could be an excellent choice. We have been helping people get back to the lives they want to live since 2011 right here in Encinitas, California.

Recovery is a big commitment. I’d imagine you are looking at several facilities like ours so you can make a good decision; however, there are a lot of things that make True North special.

Our therapy staff is exceptional and in recovery themselves. We’ve been where you are. I entered recovery in 1996 a month after aging out of foster care. I walked into an emergency room and asked for any help they could give. They found me a bed at a local, community-funded program that I entered that night. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I’d asked for help and been placed on a waiting list as so many are today. I may have died. I was 70 pounds underweight due to my addiction at the time and not doing well.

Many members of our staff have comparable stories. We’ve faced the same fears and doubts as you. Now we’ve dedicated ourselves to giving back.

I have been in the field of addiction treatment for 20 years and have worked across the various types of treatment such as residential, outpatient, and more. I really believe in outpatient care if it is done properly. The research out there supports this as well. Did you know that the outcomes for most people are nearly identical for intensive outpatient treatment when compared to residential treatment? Its true. We work with residential treatment centers all the time and it is, of course, necessary in some cases, but the evidence-based practice is actually to wait until you have attempted outpatient treatment unless you are either suffering from active psychosis with your addiction, or at risk of a dangerous medical withdraw process. In either of those events and in other cases, we will be happy to let you know if your situation would be better served in a residential setting once we have completed a screening or assessment.

We’re here for your family too. Services that might otherwise be out of reach at many programs are common practices at True North. For instance, we are the only program that offers a full, three-day, family-intensive weekend as a standard course of treatment. Frankly, everyone in the family is affected by the addiction of even one member of that family. The family has actually made structural changes to accommodate this illness, and these changes are typically not healthy in the long term. They are also not conducive to the recovery of the family member. The kicker for this, is they are typically well-intentioned attempts to help the person. Some attempts are unconscious, while others are very purposeful. After three days in our intensive program, and after accessing our various other ongoing family support structures, the risk of relapse diminishes and the family’s ability to cope with relapses and the stresses of ongoing early recovery increase.

In-house capacity or expertise shouldn’t be a barrier to a successful recovery. This is why I have also started a private practice with multiple therapists who work in concert with True North as both facilitators and adjunctive therapists. For example, if your 14-year-old needs counseling as you go through the program, we can provide that. If you and your parents or your spouse need family therapy, we can provide that, too. Additional trauma treatment is available as well. Rarely are we unable to help a person through their unique dilemmas.

We see a lot of first responders here and have additional training and our personal experience to help them. It is very common for there to be a few first responders engaged in the program at any given time.

This puts the concept of aftercare on its head. We have developed a program that offers you an ongoing therapist for many years following your treatment at True North. Many patients continue their therapy with us. By providing a private practice that is in-network with most insurance companies, the costs of getting better don’t continue to add up as they often do. We are also committed to having small groups. Putting 20 people in a room for their daily therapy doesn’t make sense. We keep our groups at 7 or less so that everyone gets a chance to do the work when they come in. We are committed to making your time with us count.

Finally, we work hard to keep our costs low for you. Whereas many programs charge as much as $12,000-$15,000 for 8 weeks of treatment, we offer it at approximately $6,000 depending on your needs. This is an exceptional value, but we see the positive change in our patients every day and work to keep costs down. When I founded True North, I never forgot where I came from and can’t just let people succumb to their addiction because the treatment they need is out of reach.

Today is the day—at least it can be. The day you look back on and say to yourself, “That’s where it all changed.” Contact us today so you can begin a new chapter in life: (760) 517-6544