Congratulations to TNRS program director Kansas Cafferty on his appointment as Adjunct Faculty at Springfield College’s School of Human Services.  He will be teaching upper division courses on addiction studies, therapy, mental health, and on the delivery of human services.

Springfield College was established in 1885 by the YMCA due to the need of a University with a Humanics focus to train executives for the organization.  It is most widely know as the birthplace of both basketball and volleyball.  It has recently become the #1 school in the country to award social service degrees to minority students and was listed by US News World Report as being the #8 school in the country for students being most likely to attend graduate school within one year of graduation.  The recent opening of the Southern California campus in Tustin will bring this obviously value driven school to our own backyard and TNRS is proud to have a director that is part of their mission.