This morning I am thinking about an upcoming training I will be attending with Tian Dayton, PhD. First I will train with her on the 17th of this month with others in the Socal area. The next day we get her all to ourselves at Newport Academy. I have had the opportunity to read through her new program on Relationship Trauma Repair and it is a very good fit or me. I love experiential therapies and look forward to learning from one of the masters of its application in the addiction field. She has made a career out of helping people through the trauma of being adult children of alcoholics and addicts or of being addicts themselves. I have used her work in the past for inspiration as a therapist and seen great results in helping people to open up and to access their emotions. Sometimes it is through a simple role play, and other times it is through something more elaborate. Other times it is just a simple icebreaker with kids. No matter what the intent of the psychodramatic technique used, I continue to have good results with it and cannot wait to learn directly from one of the people I have been influenced by as a therapist and addiction counselor.