If you have ever been a to a professional conference before you know that the 4 pm spot can be a tough one to keep engaged, but thats just what we did yesterday!  The crowd there was so amazing.  I think during the hour and a half presentation only 2 people left the presentation (in my mind they obviously had to put money in a parking meter ;).  Dr. Smith did an amazing job of bringing up Dr. Nosal and I for our talk on Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy.  The crowd was responsive and we had a great time.  Next time I will have to remember to not cross my arms across my chest while wearing a lapel mic though (did it twice which was a great source of humor).  Anyway, we got to eat a brain healthy dinner afterwards and then watch Dr. Smith, Dr. Jeff Fortuna, and Dr. Daniel Amen give a great talk on the importance of nutrition to brain health especially in recovery or as it relates to mental health problems.  They had amazing images and statistics to provide.  Dr. Fortuna is intelligent in a way that is rare and it shows and I have never seen anyone have such an innocent joy about something as complex as neuroscience.  It really is his passion and you can tell.  After a long day I got to spend a little time taking Dr. Smith back to Newport Academy where he was staying in the Haight Ashbury room.  He is such an interesting and iconic man that it really is a great experience to get any time on an individual basis with him.  I know I felt very fortunate for it.